16 Jan


Cost: Free
Size: 13.5 MB

Times Internet launched‘s official iOS app earlier in the day today. Apart from iOS, the app has been released on other platforms like Android, BlackBerry and J2ME Nokia, Samsung phones. The launch was done with a media blitzkrieg and most of the significant web publications covered it – including the likes of TechCrunch, The Next Web. Indian music streaming space is relatively crowded with Saavn, Dhingana, and Raaga for company.


  • Share a song, mark it as Favorite, or Add to Playlists.
  • Search for songs, artists, or albums from over 1 million songs.
  • Auto created playlists like Mirchi Top 20, US Top 20, Euro Top 20, Tamil Top 20.
  • Discover Music by genres, popularity, freshness, languages and what your friends are listening to through Facebook.

Discover Music

  • Radio
  • My Zone keeps a record of history, your favorite Playlists, Songs, Artists, Albums and syncs them between Web and Mobile.

My Zone

Overall the design is seamless and not bad at all for v1.0. The app is feature-rich and you get the hang as you it. There were few interactions which were troublesome for me -

  • No feedback once you’ve favorited the album. The widget vanishes without a notification.

No feedback. Favorite this Album

  • Switching between Radio and Player mode is painful. The radio icon vanishes and I had to play another song to get back to the Player mode.
  • More tab in the Albums – Options are loaded by tapping on the ‘More’ button, but hidden by either swiping left to right or tapping the ‘>>’ button.



  • Swipe shortcuts are not standard like Twitter or Pocket. At times, during second swipe I ended up playing songs instead of hiding shortcuts.


  • To get started with the app, special attention has been paid to the Overlays. They make you comfortable and you can always refer them back by going to Settings -> Quick Hints.


  • No Ads.
  • Collection of over a 1 million songs.


  • Songs kept on playing even when the Audio jack was pulled out. This again is a non-standard behavior and doesn’t happen for other apps like Music, Saavn.


  • Language preference should be part of Settings. If I don’t understand a language, why should I see the filters at all.
  • Although its unconventional, but there should be a slider for volume control instead of pressing hardware buttons.

I would keep Gaana on my phone for its sheer content and performance, despite some scratchy interactions.

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